Say You Will

UK Tour

MEN Arena, Manchester
3rd December 2003

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MEN Arena Venue Information Page....

including Fan Seating Charts

Tickets on-sale from 1st August 2003


For SOLD OUT shows, some tickets may be
available here


Venue Information
0870 190 8000


If you wish to have your details added to this list below, please mail me on


Seat Area Fan Seat No.
Floor Seats A    
Floor Seats B Nat (sistermoon1977) + Friends
Christy (Wondergirl1948)
row A, seats 13 - 16
row A, seat 17
row A, seat 18
row B, seat 3
Floor Seats C    
Floor Seats D    
Floor Seats E    
Floor Seats F    
Floor Seats G    
Floor Seats H    
Floor Seats I    
Lower Tier 114    
Lower Tier 103    
Lower Tier 113    
Lower Tier 104    
Lower Tier 115    
Lower Tier 105    
Lower Tier 112    
Lower Tier 105    
Lower Tier 104    
Lower Tier 115    
Lower Tier 111    
Lower Tier 110    
Lower Tier 109    
Lower Tier 108    
Lower Tier 107    
Lower Tier 106    
Suite Level A    
Suite Level N    
Suite Level B    
Suite Level M    
Suite Level C    
Suite Level L    
Suite Level D    
Suite Level K    
Suite Level E    
Suite Level J    
Suite Level F    
Suite Level G    
Suite Level H    
Suite Level I    
Upper Tier 215    
Upper Tier 202    
Upper Tier 214    
Upper Tier 203    
Upper Tier 213    
Upper Tier 204    
Upper Tier 212    
Upper Tier 205    
Upper Tier 211    
Upper Tier 206    
Upper Tier 210    
Upper Tier 209    
Upper Tier 208    
Upper Tier 207    

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