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Stevie Nicks: 24 Karat Gold – Review

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Joe Clay
October 4 2014

2/5 Stars

The eighth solo album from the Fleetwood Mac songbird is subtitled Songs from the Vault. It’s a collection of spruced-up versions of demos that Nicks recorded between 1969 and ’87. From the uptempo Starshine to the ploddy AOR of The Dealer it all feels rather half-baked, with only the title track having an ounce of the Mac’s magic. It’s not solely a vanity exercise (Nicks’s raw, nasal delivery is still distinctive), but as with most of these endeavours, there’s a reason why they were originally left in the vault. (Warner Bros, out Mon)

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Fleetwood Mac’s new album is “profound”, says Lindsey Buckingham | Digital Spy (UK)

By Harry Fletcher
Thursday, Oct 16 2014
Digital Spy Online

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham has issued an update on the band’s new album.

The guitarist told The Wall Street Journal that he is working closely with Christine McVie on “profound” new music.

© Getty Images / Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

Buckingham discussed how McVie, who recently rejoined the band after 16 years apart, had sent him piano and voice demos, which he then developed.

“I took massive liberties with them,” he said.

“We never envisioned finishing the album in the short term. We set it aside. Stevie [Nicks] will come in and participate. I have material I had been working on.

“There’s no danger that it will slip between the tracks. It’s too profound to. Once we finish it we can think about going out and trying something new.”

© Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky/WireImage
© Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky/WireImage

Speaking about his working relationship with McVie, Buckingham said: “Christine and I were able to concentrate on each other. We were exploring some new turf. That became enlightening to me.” Continue reading Fleetwood Mac’s new album is “profound”, says Lindsey Buckingham | Digital Spy (UK)