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BOOK REVIEW: Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks

Enjoyed this book and completed it in a few days over the Christmas / New Year period whilst free from work duties.

The book was thorough and covered Stevie Nicks’ life in detail up to the year 2017 and covered a few items that I was not aware of, however, the author as an experienced writer that has written books on other members of Fleetwood Mac and other musical figures the fact-checking here was not very good, which makes me wonder if anything that I did not already know about Stevie’s life is actually accurate.

It is a shame as this book had the potential to be the definitive biography of Stevie Nicks (until she decides to write her own autobiography) but the fact-checking and errors really let this down, so near yet so far Mr Davis, please review with your editors in more detail before completing your next book as these errors really let you and the book down.

As a recommendation, I would say this book is good and thorough, but for a recent book on the life of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac I would refer anyone to Mick Fleetwood’s recent memoir ‘Play On‘ that was released in 2014, at least you know that much of the content is accurate, or as accurate as Mick remembers, and of course he was there!


Is Stevie Nicks damaging the Fleetwood Mac legacy?


Will Fleetwood Mac release a new studio album?
Will Stevie Nicks join the band in recording the album?
Will Stevie Nicks tour again with Fleetwood Mac?
Is there a future for Fleetwood Mac?

So many questions, all without any real answers from the band, other then Stevie Nicks is touring her 2014 album “24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault” making up time the gave to Fleetwood Mac for the “On With The Show” that brought Christine McVie back into Fleetwood Mac.

However, the rest of the band (well that is not technically accurate as John McVie does not generally say anything to the press) have been talking about recording new music for a new potential Fleetwood Mac studio album and the possibility of another worldwide tour that is likely to be scheduled to co-incide with the 40th anniversary of Rumours, as well as the 50th anniversary of the band being formed and the 30th anniversary of Tango In The Night and 20th anniversary of The Dance (Fleetwood Mac seem to have a thing for years with seven in them!!)

But, Stevie Nicks appears not to be committing to the band, is she about to splinter the group and and force a Fleetwood, McVie, McVie and Buckingham version of the band to cement their legacy in the huge commercial opening that will begin next year within the anniversary year for Fleetwood Mac, this I s likely their last hurrah before old father time call’s it a day. Continue reading Is Stevie Nicks damaging the Fleetwood Mac legacy?

Lindsey Buckingham play’s himself on Showtime TV Show ‘Roadies’


Lindsey Buckingham appeared and played himself in episode three of the new Showtime TV series ‘Roadies’, this episode aired on July 10th, 2016 and is titled as “The Bryce Newman Letter”.

Watch Lindsey perform Bleed To Love Her in this clip below

The legendary guitarist and GRAMMY® Award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee delivers a stunning new rendition of the Fleetwood Mac classic ‘Big Love’ for the soundtrack.

cover170x170The track ‘Big Love’ has been released to Apple Music for North American subscribers and purchase via iTunes via this link

The full, 16-song tracklisting for the Roadies Official Soundtrack Album, which will be released August 26th, will be revealed soon.


Lindsey play himself in the show where he opens a live show and performs Big Love and Bleed To Love Her and plays a small snippet of an untitled track and acoustic instrumentals of classic Fleetwood Mac tracks ‘Bleed To Love Her’, ‘Think About Me’ and ‘Hold Me’ which are also featured throughout the show. Lindsey also acts in few non- singing / performance scenes.

To learn more about this episode, please click this link from Showtime

COMPETITION – Win a copy of ‘Live in 1967 – Volume Two’ on CD from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, that features Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Peter Green

On May 6th 2016 Forty Below Records will release ‘Live in 1967 – Volume Two’ from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers on CD that includes never before heard live performance from Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Peter Green before they formed Fleetwood Mac.


Forty Below records have graciously offered this website two copies of the new live album for distribution to the readers of this site. Continue reading COMPETITION – Win a copy of ‘Live in 1967 – Volume Two’ on CD from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, that features Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Peter Green

Rare Fleetwood Mac / Lindsey Buckingham songs shared via Richard Dashut online

Rare never-before heard tracks from Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham appear online curtesy of Richard Dashut

Richard Dashut (co-producer of many of the Fleetwood Mac albums) has started to share some rare unreleased tracks from the his vaults from when he was working with Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Buckingham online via Tumblr, Facebook and video sharing sites.

This post will attempt to collate the songs shared via their online links, so far Richard has shared the following tracks….

An alternate take of the Christine song ‘Mystified’ from the 1987 Fleetwood Mac album “Tango In The Night’

Song Ideas by Lindsey Buckingham and Rick Curtis (The Curtis Brothers, writers of Blue Letter from the 1975 self-titled Fleetwood Mac album)


And an early mix of the Lindsey song ‘Tango In The Night’ from the 1987 Fleetwood Mac album “Tango In The Night’


A snippet of an early version of The Chain from the 1977 album ‘Rumours’


Thanks Richard for posting these awesome tracks

Fleetwood Mac – Deluxe Box Set of Mirage in planning

Warner Brothers are in the midst of planning a new deluxe treatment of Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 Mirage album with a 5.1 audio mix by Ken Caillat

Rumoured release date of June, 2016



Ken has posted on Facebook that he started re-mixing Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album in 5.1 for Warner Brothers re-release of a new Deluxe Box of that classic album and the 5.1 mix of Mirage is sounding fantastic! You will all hear stuff you never heard on the album!!

This follows the recent re-releases of Rumours and Tusk where they also received the deluxe box treatment and are also available in 5.1 DVD Audio mix.

Wonder what outtakes and extras we may also get in this deluxe re-release, hope that this will include the original Smile At You and If You Were My Love from Stevie, the jam session of I’ve Been Loving You Too Long and of course the full Mirage concert in audio and DVD of the partial live show that was shown on HBO and released on VHS video as Fleetwood Mac In Concert in 1983.


Huge difference in Tusk reissue prices between the UK and USA

Anyone noticed the massive price differences that Amazon are listing the recent Tusk deluxe edition and the soon to be released Live In Concert vinyl set that is culled from the same deluxe release of Tusk.

Today according to the Amazon UK website, you can pick up the Tusk deluxe edition for £41.84 that translate to $52.26 (at today’s exchange rates), now checking the site, the exact same release is listed as $93.19 (£66.94)

And, when we repeat this process on the In Concert vinyl set that is set to be released on Mar 4th, the price on Amazon in the UK is £23.99 ($33.40) and on the price is $54.14 (£38.89)

What gives Amazon, why are the prices so different between regions for the same item?



Fleetwood Mac’s TUSK is getting a new remaster with the deluxe, expanded treatment

Release information has just appeared on Spin CDs in the UK, where they list three new versions of the Fleetwood Mac’s multi-platinum Tusk album remastered by Lindsey Buckingham ** (needs to be verified). The album is listed as being available on Dec 4th, 2015 and the set is listed to be released in three editions:

  • Tusk (Deluxe Edition 5CD/1DVD-A/2 Vinyl
  • Tusk (Expanded 3CD Digi-pack)
  • Tusk (1CD Jewel Case – 2015 Remaster)


The information listed on the website is as follows…

Posted on October 23, 2015

TUSK will be available on December 4.

  • Fleetwood Mac Tusk (Deluxe Edition 5CD/1DVD-A/2 Vinyl) £54.99,
  • Fleetwood Mac Tusk (Expanded 3CD Digi-pack) £12.99,
  • Fleetwood Mac Tusk (1CD Jewel Case – 2015 Remaster) £9.99

Fleetwood Mac builds on its formidable legacy as one of rock’s most legendary acts as they re-visit their most ambitious album with deluxe and expanded editions of TUSK. Originally released in 1979, the GrammyAward-nominated, double-album sold more than four million copies worldwide, and reached number 1 in the UK album charts, and included hits like “Sara,” “Think About Me,” and the title track. Continue reading Fleetwood Mac’s TUSK is getting a new remaster with the deluxe, expanded treatment

Holiday Road / Dancin’ Across The USA gets digital release

MP3 release of Holiday Road / Dancin’ Across The USA

The nearly forgotten tracks from the National Lampoon’s Vacation soundtrack that were recorded by Lindsey Buckingham and Richard Dashut back in 1983 have finally been given a digital release on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

So, at last this forgotten gem from Lindsey Buckingham finally gets an official digital release, and the equally forgotten b-side also makes it’s digital debut, well done everyone involved, but what took you so long and what’s with the cover?


To purchase these tracks, please see the links below…

iTunes UK / iTunes US
Amazon UK / Amazon US
We assume that this release is to tie-in with the new fifth instalament of the Vacation films that gets released in August 2015 (IMDB link)

In addition, the original movie soundtrack for this new film release also contains Holiday Road by Lindsey that runs for an extra 10 seconds, not sure if this is a new recording or a remaster, also two covers of Holiday Road by Zac Brown Band and Matt Pond are also contained on the OST album


The original soundtrack album for ‘Vacation’ can be purchased at the following links

Amazon UK / Amazon US
iTunes UK / iTunes US

Fleetwood Mac in the UK over the last six weeks: A few thoughts…….

Fleetwood Mac complete the European leg of the On With The Show tour tonight in Dublin, Ireland at the 3 Arena.

Thinking back over the last six weeks we have seen many highs, with their first UK festival appearance since the early 70s at the Isle of Wight festival, six nights at the O2 in London and lots of positive reviews in the press.

However we have also seen some lows, the cancellation and non re-schedule of the Manchester show was poor form from the logistics team, we understand that illness can cause last minute cancellations, but this date should really have been rescheduled as the cancelled Birmingham date was, so not to disappoint thousands of loyal fans who had paid an enamours amount of hard earned money on travel arrangements and hotel stays, the reimbursement of the ticket cost is only one element of the overall cost.

But my gripe with this leg of the tour is not with the band or the tour, but with the UK TV and radio media, there has been next to nothing mentioned on the main channels in the UK on the momentous re-joining of Christine McVie and her first live appearances in the UK since 1990, or the first time that the Rumours-five had played in the UK since 1979 and the TUSK tour.

I would have thought that the BBC would have lapped this up with a new TV special that chronicled this ‘never thought would happen’ event. The tour stops were sell-outs, the band were playing their hearts out, celebrities from music, TV and film were attending the shows, the MAC were well reviewed in the national press, but for radio and television next to nothing. We did get a bare minimum appearance on Sky Arts of four live songs and a small interview with Stevie and Mick from the Isle of Wight Festival, but that was it!

Also, the mainstream music press in the UK seemed to ignore this tour, only one mainstream publication covered the Mac, this was MOJO, nothing in print editions of Classic Rock, Uncut or NME, the coverage in Q Magazine was a review of the Los Angeles show, they couldn’t even bother to review a UK gig and Uncut contibuted only an online review.

This appears to be very strange and is at odds with the newspapers that lapped up the shows and carried lots of positive reviews and photos of the band performing. I for one cannot understand this or find a reason why…..

Anyone reading this care to comment on why Fleetwood Mac were largely ignored on this tour by the main radio and TV outlets and main music press, please leave your comments below, in addition also please post your thoughts of the last six weeks….

Not sure when the band will be back in the UK, so let us relive the wonderful six weeks….

Fleetwood Mac UK 2015 Tour