Mick Fleetwood: “We haven’t turned Fleetwood Mac into Cirque Du Soleil yet!” – Uncut.co.uk

U197 Clash cover UK fin MM.inddMick Fleetwood has jokingly reassured fans that there won’t be any circus performers on Fleetwood Mac’s current tour.

In the new issue of Uncut, dated October 2013 and out now, the drummer explains how the band manage to keep their live set fresh without resorting to more theatrical clichés.

“Hopefully we can take the audience on a creative journey,” Fleetwood says, “where we’re not just schlocking up stuff we’ve done time after time before.

“As regards other surprises, no, we haven’t turned Fleetwood Mac into Cirque Du Soleil yet! There aren’t any midgets or acrobats careening across the stage during ‘Rhiannon’!”

fleetwoodmac300113w-sam-emerson Photo: Sam Emerson

Read more in the new issue of Uncut which is available now as a digital or physical paper copy

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