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Fleetwood Mac – Deluxe Box Set of Mirage in planning

Warner Brothers are in the midst of planning a new deluxe treatment of Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 Mirage album with a 5.1 audio mix by Ken Caillat

Rumoured release date of June, 2016



Ken has posted on Facebook that he started re-mixing Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album in 5.1 for Warner Brothers re-release of a new Deluxe Box of that classic album and the 5.1 mix of Mirage is sounding fantastic! You will all hear stuff you never heard on the album!!

This follows the recent re-releases of Rumours and Tusk where they also received the deluxe box treatment and are also available in 5.1 DVD Audio mix.

Wonder what outtakes and extras we may also get in this deluxe re-release, hope that this will include the original Smile At You and If You Were My Love from Stevie, the jam session of I’ve Been Loving You Too Long and of course the full Mirage concert in audio and DVD of the partial live show that was shown on HBO and released on VHS video as Fleetwood Mac In Concert in 1983.