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Fleetwood Mac review – Still winning over the generations in Sydney | The Guardian

All Phones Arena, Sydney
The band who’ve made peace with the past put on a truly group effort, satisfying old, new and future pop lovers with a nostalgia-light set

By Friday 23 October 2015 


What brings someone to a Fleetwood Mac concert in 2015? Hazy memories of Rumours the first time round. The bashed up vinyl inherited from a parent. An interview with Haim, wearing their influences as openly as their Stevie Nicks-inspired style. Or pure and simple love of pop, never mind the vintage?

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham on stage in Sydney. Photograph: Glenn Pokorny
Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham on stage in Sydney. Photograph: Glenn Pokorny

Whatever the reason, Sydney’s All Phones Arena boasts a surprisingly all-ages crowd for the first of Fleetwood Mac’s anticipated Australian dates (a 2013 visit was cancelled when band member John McVie started treatment for cancer).

The band have been on hiatus for three months since the last leg of their On With The Show world tour. Lindsey Buckingham complains of blisters on his fingers. Stevie struggles to remember a well-worn anecdote of her first trip to the Velvet Underground in San Francisco.

At least, they tell us they’re blistering and struggling. From here in the side seats, they’re smashing it out of the Olympic park. And even if the three other bandmates vie for less attention than these famous ex-lovers – Mick Fleetwood happy for the most part behind his drumkit – this is a true group show. Continue reading Fleetwood Mac review – Still winning over the generations in Sydney | The Guardian

Fleetwood Mac thrill fans on their tour | Daily Mail Australia

By Chloe-lee Longhetti For Daily Mail Australia
Published: 23 October 2015

Leave it to the best! Fleetwood Mac thrill fans as they kick off their On With The Show tour in Sydney in first visit Down Under since 2009

They’ve just performed shows in countries including the US and UK, as part of their On With The Show World Tour.

And finally kicking off their highly anticipated Australian and New Zealand leg, iconic rock band Fleetwood Mac hit the stage at Sydney’s Allphones Arena on Thursday night.

The group thrilled fans, with their high energy performance being one to remember.

Doing their thing: Fleetwood Mac thrilled fans on Thursday night as they performed at Sydney’s Allphones Arena, as part of their On With The Show World Tour Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3285618/Fleetwood-Mac-thrill-fans-kick-tour-Australia.html#ixzz3pPTwZLGW Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Doing their thing: Fleetwood Mac thrilled fans on Thursday night as they performed at Sydney’s Allphones Arena, as part of their On With The Show World Tour

Doing their thing: Fleetwood Mac thrilled fans on Thursday night as they performed at Sydney’s Allphones Arena, as part of their On With The Show World Tour

Featuring all five leading members of the group – Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, who collaborated on the hit 70s album Rumours – their supporters took to social media to express their adoration.

One Twitter user, @courtnestle dubbed the evening ‘the best night of my life,’ in part of her post, adding: ‘I cannot believe I saw my favourite band LIVE #FleetwoodMac.’ Continue reading Fleetwood Mac thrill fans on their tour | Daily Mail Australia

Fleetwood Mac’s John McVie: This might be my final tour | Daily Telegraph (Aus)

October 21, 2015 2:00pm
By Annette Sharp
The Daily Telegraph

TWO years after pulling the pin on their 2013 Australian tour following bass player John McVie’s cancer diagnosis, Fleetwood Mac’s most famous and most successful line-up landed in Sydney this week ahead of what McVie has indicated might be his last tour with the band that bears his name.

Mick Fleetwood at Allphones ahead of Fleetwood Mac tour. Picture: Cameron Richardson
Mick Fleetwood at Allphones ahead of Fleetwood Mac tour. Picture: Cameron Richardson

Founding member Mick Fleetwood, 68, was respectful when he spoke of McVie’s recent health crisis during a sound check at Allphones Arena yesterday.

“I raised a toast the other night with Christine (McVie). He’s well as well, absolutely (in) tip top health and that’s pivotal. And outside of it, it’s great to be here and playing.

“It’s a revisitation,” Fleetwood enthused of his 69-year-old creative partner with whom he founded the band in 1963.

“John’s very practical. He didn’t get into it (cancer talk) one way or the other. I’m an old drama queen but John just said, ‘OK, let’s get it fixed’ and that was that. Never heard any more about it and it was fixed, and we’ve been on the road ever since.”

In May, McVie said his playing days would soon be at an end: “How much longer can the Mac be a working band? Not much longer, for me anyway. It’s not the music. It’s the peripherals, the travelling. Mick will go on until they put him up against a wall and shoot him.” Continue reading Fleetwood Mac’s John McVie: This might be my final tour | Daily Telegraph (Aus)

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac’s demise prove wrong | The Australian

OCTOBER 22, 2015 12:00AM
Iain Shedden
Music Writer

Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood takes pride in being part of one of music’s greatest soap operas, the band’s landmark 1977 album Rumours.

Mick Fleetwood in Sydney after paying tribute to a ‘bunch of wonderful, crazy people, present and past, that have come through Fleetwood Mac’. Picture: Renee Nowytarger Source: News Corp Australia
Mick Fleetwood in Sydney after paying tribute to a ‘bunch of wonderful, crazy people, present and past, that have come through Fleetwood Mac’. Picture: Renee Nowytarger Source: News Corp Australia

“The album is a chronicle of everything that happened with us on a personal level, which became a story almost too out of control, but the quality of the way we ­approached that album sonically, it’s very natural,” Fleetwood, 68, said in Sydney yesterday.

The drummer, a founding member of one of the world’s most successful and enduring rock acts, will be joined by Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Christine McVie on stage in Sydney tonight as the veteran band begins its On With the Show Australian tour.

The shows, which come at the end of a world tour, mark the return to the Australian stage of Christine McVie, who quit the band in 1998, but rejoined at the beginning of last year. Her return reunites the line-up whose fractious relationships formed the lyrical backbone of the Rumours album and shot them to international superstardom.

“She is a dear friend to all of us,” said Fleetwood, “even when she wasn’t in the band, so to have her back and with such a level of enthusiasm is a joy to see. It’s fair to say that Stevie is happy to not just be surrounded by a bunch of ex-boyfriends.”

Nicks was in a relationship with Buckingham when they both joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975, but after they split she had an affair with Fleetwood, who was married at the time.

Fleetwood has been the only constant in the band since it began as a blues rock outfit in ­England in the 1960s and believes he has been partly responsible for keeping the group together through its many turbulent ­periods.

“I don’t write the songs, I don’t sing the songs, but in a way that has been my contribution to a bunch of wonderful, crazy people, present and past, that have come through Fleetwood Mac.”

The drummer, who has also toured Australia with his blues band, said that a new album would be forthcoming from Fleetwood Mac.

“There will be a new record,” he said.

“John and myself and Lindsey cut a lot of stuff about three years ago, which remains in our swollen archive. Much later we recorded with Christine. Whether Stevie becomes a part of that we’re not quite sure. I live in hope that it will work out.

“We’re not done yet, that’s the main thing.”

Review: Fleetwood Mac light up 3Arena Dublin | Independent.ie

Ed Power
12/07/2015 | 11:58

How fitting that Fleetwood Mac should close the European leg of their latest comeback tour with a brace of sold-out shows in Dublin.


It was at this very venue in 2013 that erstwhile singer and keyboardist Christine McVie reunited with her bandmates for the first time in 16 years. The success of their soundcheck jam that night persuaded the reclusive Englishwoman to rejoin full-time – and now here she was, back where it started.

The sense of a group operating at full tilt was evident from the outset as McVie, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks plunged into the harmonized introduction to The Chain, a tug-of-love ballad written while Nicks and Buckingham were in the throes of their notoriously messy late ’70s break-up (heartbreaking fuel for the 40-million selling Rumours album). Half a lifetime later the tune still gleamed with acidic vim as Nicks and Buckingham locked gazes and spat accusatorially lyrics at one another.

With McVie in the fold once more, it was as if a missing piece of a puzzle had clicked into place. In her absence, Buckingham’s pop eccentricities wielded an outsize influence over Fleetwood Mac, his oddball histrionics threatening to capsize the ship. Tonight confirmed that McVie’s classic songwriting and calm persona served as a vital counterpoint. Earlier Fleetwood Mac reunions felt like glorified Buckingham solo affairs. This was assuredly no longer the case. Continue reading Review: Fleetwood Mac light up 3Arena Dublin | Independent.ie

Fleetwood Mac in the UK over the last six weeks: A few thoughts…….

Fleetwood Mac complete the European leg of the On With The Show tour tonight in Dublin, Ireland at the 3 Arena.

Thinking back over the last six weeks we have seen many highs, with their first UK festival appearance since the early 70s at the Isle of Wight festival, six nights at the O2 in London and lots of positive reviews in the press.

However we have also seen some lows, the cancellation and non re-schedule of the Manchester show was poor form from the logistics team, we understand that illness can cause last minute cancellations, but this date should really have been rescheduled as the cancelled Birmingham date was, so not to disappoint thousands of loyal fans who had paid an enamours amount of hard earned money on travel arrangements and hotel stays, the reimbursement of the ticket cost is only one element of the overall cost.

But my gripe with this leg of the tour is not with the band or the tour, but with the UK TV and radio media, there has been next to nothing mentioned on the main channels in the UK on the momentous re-joining of Christine McVie and her first live appearances in the UK since 1990, or the first time that the Rumours-five had played in the UK since 1979 and the TUSK tour.

I would have thought that the BBC would have lapped this up with a new TV special that chronicled this ‘never thought would happen’ event. The tour stops were sell-outs, the band were playing their hearts out, celebrities from music, TV and film were attending the shows, the MAC were well reviewed in the national press, but for radio and television next to nothing. We did get a bare minimum appearance on Sky Arts of four live songs and a small interview with Stevie and Mick from the Isle of Wight Festival, but that was it!

Also, the mainstream music press in the UK seemed to ignore this tour, only one mainstream publication covered the Mac, this was MOJO, nothing in print editions of Classic Rock, Uncut or NME, the coverage in Q Magazine was a review of the Los Angeles show, they couldn’t even bother to review a UK gig and Uncut contibuted only an online review.

This appears to be very strange and is at odds with the newspapers that lapped up the shows and carried lots of positive reviews and photos of the band performing. I for one cannot understand this or find a reason why…..

Anyone reading this care to comment on why Fleetwood Mac were largely ignored on this tour by the main radio and TV outlets and main music press, please leave your comments below, in addition also please post your thoughts of the last six weeks….

Not sure when the band will be back in the UK, so let us relive the wonderful six weeks….

Fleetwood Mac UK 2015 Tour

Hit Parade, Fleetwood Mac Review at The Forum, Los Angeles | Q Magazine, July 2015

And then there were five. Again.



It might be that for Fleetwood Mac there’s no other option: they have to start their show with a brace of their biggest hits because hits are all they have, and because hits are alI their generation-spanning fanbase will accept. And that expectation and appreciation are, in part at least, what are keeping these multi-millionaire 60- and 70-somethings trucking along on a year-long world arena tour (another one), even as decades-old “issues” refuse to go quietly into the night.


The name of this new jaunt defiently tells it like it is: this is Fleetwood Mac’s On With The Show tour. They hit the stage running in Los Angeles. They open with The Chain, its signature bass solo ground out with cool aplomb by John McVie. Flat-capped and rocksteady as ever, the 69-year-old is clearly very much back In the saddle after his 2013 cancer diagnosis.

Also back-in-Mac: his former wife, Christine McVie. After 17 years out of the fold – fear of flying and, well boredom of rocking caused her to exit, stage right, for retirement in the Kent countryside – the singer/keyboard player rejoined the band 18 months ago. Song two tonight is one of the 71-year-old’s signature classics from the era-defining Rumours album. You Make Loving Fun is defiantly funky, sprightly and blushingly giddy four decades on from its composition. Vocally. Christine sounds fantastic — aII the more remarkable considering that this is the 77th show of the tour.

Whether the subject matter still narks John is a moot point: Christine wrote it for her new fella after she and the bassist had split —her new fella being Fleetwood Mac’s lighting director Curry Grant. Badtimes for John, goodtimes tor Rumours, the 40 million-selling 1977 album whose grooves contained a whole soap opera of hits, splits and lovers’ tiffs.

Continue reading Hit Parade, Fleetwood Mac Review at The Forum, Los Angeles | Q Magazine, July 2015

Fleetwood Mac bring thunder to Manchester | Wigan Today

Tom McCooey
Wigan Today
2nd July 2015

LIGHTS down, mobile phone cameras puncturing the black canvas, Mick Fleetwood’s right foot sets the tone.

Stevie Nicks leads the show with John McVie (bass) and Mick Fleetwood (drums)

Thud, thud, thud, thud – fans know what’s coming – and when a band can open on a monster such as ‘The Chain’, the night promises to show off some of the best songwriting to be heard.

But it would be wrong to expect the latest installment of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘On with the Show’ tour – at the Manchester Arena on Wednesday night – to be a flawless evening of note perfect music.

That’s not why fans, ranging from those who had their first dance to ‘Everywhere’ to the newly grown-up kids from those relationships, are out on a sweltering night.

Shivers as guitar interludes morph into songs which bring hibernating memories alive, knowing every word, being able to say: “I saw Fleetwood Mac,” is why most are here.

The band’s older voices sometimes crack – even with a few songs knocked down a semi-tone or two – but genuine moments of pure joy excuse imperfections.

And the inclusion of Christine McVie, on tour after a 17-year absence from the band, makes the experience more authentic – this really is the Rumours lineup – the record we’ve all bought five times and played to death four.

An energetic opening sees hits ‘You Make Loving Fun’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Second Hand News’ chalked off before the intoxicating voice of Stevie Nicks shifts the mood with a haunting rendition of ‘Rhiannon’.

For fans with numerous live albums in the car glovebox, Lindsey Buckingham didn’t disappoint with his mesmerising solo performance of ‘Tango in the Night’ opener ‘Big Love’ – a version many fans prefer over the 1987 album offering.

Nicks had another opportunity to induce stomach butterflies in the audience with ‘Landslide’ – lyrics: “‘Cause I’ve built my life around you…. And I’m getting older too,” taking on new significance, as it becomes apparent this band is playing on a radio in the background somewhere in a staggering number of life’s flashpoints.

There were moments of self-indulgence to sit through though – the main culprit being Buckingham whose solo on ‘I’m So Afraid’ was more than a touch too long – and the camaraderie between members in between songs did at times feel forced.

But what can be expected from a band which has come through such thoroughly documented turbulence spanning more than half a lifetime?

And just when eyes were beginning to roll – the band relit the fire as ‘Go Your Own Way’ came to life, paving the way for a mammoth two-part encore, culminating in McVie and Buckingham wrapping-up with ‘Songbird’.

This was made more touching by McVie’s unpolished but heartfelt performance.

For the 98th night of a tour spanning two years and two legs – due to finish in November this year – Fleetwood Mac put on a show fans won’t forget.

The downsides (including a £15 programme with no editorial in it) were soothed with enough moments of magic to make their ticking off on the gig bucket list a satisfying one.

Fleetwood Mac continue their ‘On with the Show’ tour in Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow next week.

Review: Fleetwood Mac – First Direct Arena, Leeds | Yorkshire Evening Post

By Mark Casci
Yorkshire Evening Post
July 1st, 2015

A wild-eyed genius named Mick Fleetwood says it better than I ever could as Fleetwood Mac exit the stage – “The Mac is BACK!”

Fleetwood Mac rocking the Sheffield Arena

A blistering two hour and 20 minute set from the classic (yes, that word is ENTIRELY appropriate) Rumours-era line-up elicits one of the most passionate responses I have seen from an audience in my life.

A four-song opening shot from said record that made them famous the world over was always going to put us on the right foot.

The Chain, all close harmonies and blues guitar gives way to one of the most memorable of bass lines and Leeds is all theirs. You Make Loving Fun, Dreams and Second Hand News are all delivered as they should be, note perfect and intense.

The rock solid, bomb-proof rhythm section of Mr Fleetwood and his self-professed dearest friend John McVie form the bedrock of tonight’s show.

Highlights come from their front people throughout however.

Returning from a 17 year hiatus from music, Christine McVie still has the voice of an angel, as evidenced by set-closer Songbird and Everywhere.

Lindsay Buckingham storms around the stage like a man a quarter of his age, his distinctive finger-picking guitar style as ferocious and precise and it ever was. His solo-rendition of Big Love was a thing of majesty,

Best of all is centre-stage throughout. Stevie Nicks, 67, still mops the floor with any other front woman out there. During Gold Dust Woman she does not just command the stage but dominate it,

The highlight for this humble reviewer is Landslide, performed by the couple Buckingham and Nicks, whose well-documented fallings-out inspired so much of their greatest art, is tear-jerking. Stevie owns the spotlight, a magisterial performance.

Despite Mick’s bullish claim we will most-likely never see these five together again. But tonight’s gig capped a truly unique and inspirational career and cemented their legacy as one of the most special and unique rock n roll bands of all time.

The Mac is back? The Mac never left us and never will.


The return of Fleetwood Mac & Five Things You Need to Know | Yorkshire Post

Tuesday, 30th June 2015
The Yorkshire Post

Fleetwood Mac, complete with returning member Christine McVie, are on tour and head to Leeds next week. Andy Threlfall reports

Fleetwood Mac rocking the Sheffield Arena
Fleetwood Mac rocking the Sheffield Arena

It’s been 15 years since Cumbrian-born Christine McVie retired from Fleetwood Mac, but now she is back, completing the classic Rumours-era line-up of the band on the current tour.

“I didn’t really know exactly what Christine McVie was up to in those missing years,” says a sprightly 65-year-old Lindsey Buckingham. “She pretty much took permanent leave of the performing world and moved back to England and lived somewhere out in the country.”

But now she’s back and that has meant the band’s live show is receiving unparalleled critical plaudits reinvigorated as it is by classics like You Make Loving Fun, Everywhere and Songbird (which closed the London 02 show I witnessed) penned and sung by Christine who turns 72 next month.

For a band famed for its musical chemistry and fabled failed relationships, to close it’s homecoming show with just one (the returning) member at the piano was startling. Art at its most naked. Stripped bare. The song. The voice.

Whichever way you want to decipher this moment after two and a half hours, the sheer brilliance remains intact of this band who can select a 25-song setlist matched only in gargantuan sales figures and magnificence by fellow Brits who still dominate American radio the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin & The Beatles.

If the return of McVie had been one cause for celebration, that of ex-husband John to the current tour is even more poignant. He very nearly didn’t make it. Continue reading The return of Fleetwood Mac & Five Things You Need to Know | Yorkshire Post