Return of the Mac! Why the cool kids love them

Music’s most hip are lining up to pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac, says Ed Power
02 July 2013


Their greatest album was recorded in a blizzard of cocaine, champagne and heartache.

Thirty five years later, Fleetwood Mac are suddenly the name to drop in fashionable music circles. Tickets for this September’s brace of O2 dates sold out in a heartbeat; a ‘lavish’ – i.e. super-expensive – re-issue of their 1977 blockbuster record Rumours is basking in five-star reviews (you get the impression certain journalists would award six stars were that allowed).

So what, you cry. Fleetwood Mac have always been popular. Until Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Rumours was the biggest-selling LP of all time, some 40 million copies residing in record collections around the world. Well, yes. The difference is that today it isn’t merely nostalgia-happy oldies flocking to the band. ‘The group’s fastest growing fanbase is among the under 30s.

In trend-conscious alternative pop, in particular, people can’t get enough of Fleetwood Mac. Natasha Khan of Mercury-nominated outfit Bat For Lashes says her biggest hit, ‘Daniel’, was inspired by their 1987 soft-rock classic ‘Tango in the Night’.

Last year, cooler-than-thou names such as MGMT, Best Coast and Lykki Li lined up to pay tribute to ‘the Mac’ on a covers album. Continue reading Return of the Mac! Why the cool kids love them

After Fleetwood Mac tour: Reissue of ‘Buckingham Nicks’?

Pop and Hiss
The L.A Times Music Blog
By Randy Lewis
July 2, 2013, 12:43 p.m.

la-et-ms-fleetwood-mac-stevie-nicks-lindsey-bu-001Fleetwood Mac is headed down the home stretch of its 2013 tour, with only three shows remaining: Wednesday at Staples Center in L.A., Friday in San Diego and Saturday in Sacramento.

But 2013 represents a milestone of another kind for band members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks: It’s the 40th anniversary of “Buckingham Nicks, ” the only album they put out as a duo before joining up with Fleetwood Mac in 1975.

That album never made the Billboard 200 album chart, but it’s prized among rock fans as an important moment in California rock history and in the story of Fleetwood Mac’s evolution from respected British blues-rock band to a transatlantic runaway success.

“Buckingham Nicks” remains out of print, but there’s momentum building not only for a reissue of the album on CD but also the a possibility of some performances to go with it.

“There has been some talk about finally getting that out on a CD,” Buckingham told Pop & Hiss when we caught up with him last week at a tour stop in Charlotte, N.C. (The full interview with Buckingham will appear Wednesday in Calendar.) “I think it really comes down to what we want to do with that format.

“Do we want to just release it and that’s it? Do we want to add some bonus tracks? What level of involvement do we take it to? There’s a market for just about anything we want to do, but we have not gotten there yet. It’s something we need some clarity on.

“If it were me, I’d say let’s put a couple of bonus tracks on it, and do some dates. That would be something brand new,” Buckingham said. “The idea of just dropping it as a CD doesn’t quite underscores the gesture enough.”

Likewise, Nicks told Rolling Stone before the current Fleetwood Mac tour started that she’d be interested in reuniting the band she and Buckingham had in the early ’70s, which included guitarist Waddy Wachtel, drummer Jim Keltner and bassist Jerry Scheff, and doing some shows this year or in 2014.

“These are dialogues we’ve had, but only in the hypothetical, and we have not come to any decisions about what we want to do,” Buckingham said. “And all these things will become clear. It’s all from the bottom up. These things tend to take on a life of their own.”