Lindsey Buckingham: A Time To Every Purpose

Lindsey Buckingham’s new album is titled Seeds We Sow.

Jeremy Cowart

Lindsey Buckingham helped make Fleetwood Mac one of the biggest rock bands of all time. He works mostly solo today, and his sixth solo album, Seeds We Sow, just came out.

Buckingham takes the “solo” designation seriously: He wrote, produced and engineered the album himself, as well as playing most of the instruments. He tells Weekend Edition Saturday‘s Scott Simon that the effects of that approach come through in the music.

“You work in a band, and it tends to be more like moviemaking, I think. It tends to be more of a conscious, verbalized and, to some degree, political process,” he says. “I think when you work alone — the way I do it, anyway — you could sort of liken it to painting, where there’s sort of a one-on-one with the canvas. And you get different results.” Continue reading Lindsey Buckingham: A Time To Every Purpose

At Home with Lindsey Buckingham

At Home with Lindsey Buckingham

Spin Magazine

By Spin Staff on September 12, 2011 10:24 PM 

As part of Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham wrote some of rock’n’roll’s most eternally beloved songs, and the bedroom in his Los Angeles home is packed with artifacts that have influenced his creative path over the years — which we discovered when we visited for our monthly “In My Room” feature. Watch video from Buckingham’s room below.

Among the treasures: a Martin D-18 acoustic guitar he bought at age 19 (“It’s gotten better and mellower with age…a bit like me”), a boogie board (“The sensibility of water is something I hope would enter my music”), and vinyl 45s by Elvis and Chuck Berry that sparked his interest in rock’n’roll.

Buckingham, 62, has traded in a tumultuous past for blissful domesticity (he’s married with three school-age children). But that doesn’t mean he’s taking it easy. His new solo effort, Seeds We Sow (Mind Kit), continues a rich tradition of adventurous songcraft driven by virtuosic guitar fingerpicking. The man also wrote, performed, produced, and released the album himself. “I’ll always have Fleetwood Mac,” he says, “but my solo work is where the growth and heart is. It’s where I live.”

Watch: In My Room with Lindsey Buckingham


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Stevie Nicks: The Queen of Rock – Sunday Night – AUS TV

Sunday Night Show Interview Transcript
Reporter: Alex Cullen
Producer: Penelope Cross
Date aired: 4 September, 2011

The Queen of Rock and Roll opens up her home, and her heart, to Sunday Night. Stevie Nicks, despite forty top ten hits and 140 million album sales, details her toughest battle yet. Her tell-all revelations, after taking reporter Alex Cullen on a tour of her LA mansion.

No topic is off limits as Stevie bares her soul about overcoming addictions to cocaine and tranquilisers, and how those ‘lost’ years cost her the chance of motherhood.

“I’ve never told anyone this except my close friends…” she says as she recounts stories of drug fuelled binges on stage. It’s a new chapter in her glittering career and Stevie, who is coming to Australia in November, sings her latest single.

Stevie Nicks: They say that great art comes from great tragedy and certainly, a lot of great art came out of Fleetwood Mac because of a lot of great tragedy.

Sings: # Once in a million years a lady like her rises #

Stevie Nicks: When you stop doing other people’s cocaine and start buying it yourself, that’s when you know you’re starting to have a problem.

Sings: # And your life knows no answer #

ALEX CULLEN: Stevie Nicks then…

Sings: # Your life knows no answer #

Sings: # All your life… #

ALEX CULLEN:..Stevie now…

Sings: # ..Rhiannon, you cry but she’s gone and she’s gone #

ALEX CULLEN: Her husky voice fills a room.

Sings: # Rhiannon #

ALEX CULLEN: Do you like your voice?

Stevie Nicks: I love my voice, I do.

Sings: # Rhiannon #

Stevie Nicks: I love the fact that my voice doesn’t sound like anybody else. Continue reading Stevie Nicks: The Queen of Rock – Sunday Night – AUS TV