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Lindsey Buckingham Reveals Stories Behind His Solo Songs And Whether He’ll Ever Rejoin Fleetwood Mac | Stereogum

Scott Lapatine
December 10, 2018

“It certainly has been … a surprising year,” Lindsey Buckingham joked from the stage at Manhattan’s Town Hall last week. Fleetwood Mac’s erstwhile singer and guitarist is playing shows in support of Solo Anthology, a career-spanning collection that’s somehow his first-ever hits package 37 years into a successful solo career.

The just-released 6xLP version of the set marks the first time some of his most beloved songs have been available on vinyl, too. But the big surprise this year is that Fleetwood Mac are also on tour, without him.

Buckingham and his fans were shocked when, following an all-star tribute concert in January, he was unceremoniously kicked out of the band via a phone call from manager Irving Azoff at Stevie Nicks’ behest. Neil Finn and Mike Campbell were hired to replace him and consequently Fleetwood Mac shows now include songs by Crowded House, Split Enz, and Tom Petty. The silver lining is that Buckingham was freed up to do this solo tour featuring some tunes he had never before played live.

From 1981’s Law And Order to last year’s collaborative LP with Mac bandmate Christine McVie, along with a handful of movie soundtrack contributions, Solo Anthology is an overdue showcase for the more adventurous side of Fleetwood Mac’s principal songwriter and arranger, not to mention his blazing fingerstyle guitar work. While he was in NYC, I sat down with the 69-year-old father of three at a restaurant near Central Park to learn the stories behind a selection of his solo tracks, get an update on his lawsuit against Fleetwood Mac (he revealed it was settled a few weeks ago), and find out what’s next for one of rock’s most gifted guitarists.

“Trouble” (1981)

STEREOGUM: “Trouble” was your first solo single. You played basically everything on Law And Order, but “Trouble” had George Hawkins on bass and a drum loop from Mick Fleetwood.

BUCKINGHAM: It was probably a departure from much of that album, and much of what I am not as much a fan of about it now is that it was kind of a reaction to the political climate in a post-Tusk environment. In a moment when I realized the only way I was going to explore the left side of my palate was to do solo work, Law And Order was a bit, shall we say, sarcastic as a body of work, a bit camp, maybe a bit too camp, almost verging on a comedy album in some ways in terms of the irony that was there and the sensibility. “Trouble” was a song that was very absent of that, and that’s probably one reason that they picked it out as a single. Continue reading Lindsey Buckingham Reveals Stories Behind His Solo Songs And Whether He’ll Ever Rejoin Fleetwood Mac | Stereogum

Lindsey Buckingham Gets Anthologised By Rhino | Popmatters

25 Oct 2018

Can’t the members of Fleetwood Mac ever bury their differences and forge a lasting friendship? Even in their dotage, they fall out with each other at the most terrible junctures – on the eve of tours or just after the completion of albums. At one point, it seemed as if we might get another studio album from the classic lineup. It would have been the first since 1987’s Tango in the Night. Christine McVie had finally come back into the fold. Before quitting, she had held down the fort during the troubled era of Behind the Mask (1990) and Time (1995), when first Lindsey Buckingham fled, followed by Stevie Nicks. After live reunion album, The Dance (1997), McVie retired to England, peeping out briefly to issue a so-so solo album in the early 2000s. It was left to Nicks and Buckingham to front the good-ish double-album, 2003’s Say You Will. Then, no sooner was McVie back behind the piano and ready to record, Nicks proved reluctant to enter the studio. Consequently, a 2017 studio album came out under the band-name Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie, even though Mick Fleetwood and John McVie played on it.

Now it’s Buckingham’s turn to be out in the cold, and there are conflicting reports as to why. Slowly, the PR-buffed narrative about scheduling issues is giving way to one of malice, toxicity, ill will, and bad blood, of insurmountable dislike and antipathy, and Nicks giving the band a him-or-me ultimatum. A lawsuit looms while Fleetwood Mac tour with a lineup plumped out by musical everyman, Neil Finn, plus Heartbreaker, Mike Campbell. Oh dear. The sorry mess does, however, mean that Buckingham is suitably placed for touring behind and promoting this three-disc (six on vinyl) anthology and by all accounts, a solo album will follow.

Continue reading Lindsey Buckingham Gets Anthologised By Rhino | Popmatters

Lindsey Buckingham: Life After Fleetwood Mac | Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone
By David Fricke
10th Oct 2018

The singer-guitarist on his new anthology, solo tour and getting fired from the band he helped make famous

LIndsey Buckingham in 2018.
Ryan Pfluger for Rolling Stone

Lindsey Buckingham and his wife
, Kristen, were at home in Los Angeles on January 28th, watching the Grammy Awards ceremony on television, when the phone rang. Fleetwood Mac’s manager Irving Azoff was calling with a message for Buckingham from Stevie Nicks. The gist of it, Buckingham says, quoting Azoff: “Stevie never wants to be on a stage with you again.”

Two nights earlier, the most popular and enduring lineup of Fleetwood Mac — Nicks, Buckingham, singer-keyboard player Christine McVie, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood — performed in New York at a MusiCares benefit show honoring the group. “We rehearsed for two days, and everything was great,” Buckingham claims. “We were getting along great.”

But on the phone, Azoff had a list of things that, as Buckingham puts it, “Stevie took issue with” that evening, including the guitarist’s outburst just before the band’s set over the intro music — the studio recording of Nicks’ “Rhiannon” — and the way he “smirked” during Nicks’ thank-you speech. Buckingham concedes the first point. “It wasn’t about it being ‘Rhiannon,’ ” he says. “It just undermined the impact of our entrance. That’s me being very specific about the right and wrong way to do something.”

As for smirking, “The irony is that we have this standing joke that Stevie, when she talks, goes on a long time,” Buckingham says. “I may or may not have smirked. But I look over and Christine and Mick are doing the waltz behind her as a joke.”

Continue reading Lindsey Buckingham: Life After Fleetwood Mac | Rolling Stone

Music Review: Solo Anthology – The Best of Lindsey Buckingham

Great reflection on a long and impressive solo career outside of the confines of Fleetwood Mac

This fantastic set of songs from Lindsey Buckingham’s solo career (1981 to present) provides an impressive array of musical talents and styles from the creative musical genius of the Rumors-era Fleetwood Mac that deserves to have a place in your record collection. Lindsey’s often overlooked solo career has included six impressive solo albums and three live albums that are covered well within this anthology set.

Two impressive unreleased songs are also included that were in contention for the aborted final Fleetwood Mac album that continues to show that Lindsey has the ability to still craft a very good pop/soft rock track. The set is concluded with a great live collection of songs from recent live solo tours that includes his best known Fleetwood Mac songs.

It is a wonder to me how this accomplished musician had not reached a wider audience, but I strongly recommend that you pick up this anthology set and see what you have been missing, be prepared to be very much impressed.

This review was for the three-CD deluxe anthology set (that has the same track list as the 6 LP vinyl set), not the single CD release and has been published on Amazon UK and the iTunes UK Music Store,


Lindsey Buckingham Announces First Post-Fleetwood Mac Tour | Ultimate Classic Rock

Lindsey Buckingham has announced a two-month tour of theaters across North America lined up for the fall, marking his first solo performances since he split with Fleetwood Mac earlier this year.

He also revealed details of a three-CD compilation of his solo career that will arrive on Oct. 5.

Buckingham’s tour will start at the Revolution Hall in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 7 and conclude at the Sands Events Center in Bethlehem, Penn., on Dec. 9. Tickets go on sale to the general public Friday and Saturday. You can get full details, including pre-sale information, at Buckingham’s website.

A list of tour dates is below.

Solo Anthology – The Best of Lindsey Buckingham consists of three discs comprised of material from throughout his solo career, including “Holiday Road” and live versions of some of his most famous Fleetwood Mac songs. The set also includes two never-before-released tracks, “Hunger” and “Ride This Road.” A one-disc distillation of the collection will be available, as will a six-LP vinyl version that will be released on Nov. 23.

Tickets for all but the Wilmington, N.C., and New London, Conn., shows come with a CD or digital download of the single-disc version of Solo Anthology. You can see the track listing below the tour dates.

Buckingham parted ways with Fleetwood Mac earlier this year, reportedly because he wasn’t willing to commit to a lengthy tour. They’re moving on without him and have brought in Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of Crowded House as replacements. Continue reading Lindsey Buckingham Announces First Post-Fleetwood Mac Tour | Ultimate Classic Rock