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Just Like Magic, Stevie Nicks Reappears In Your Dreams

Huffington Post
Michael Bialas
6th Dec 2013

This must be the Season of the Witch.

Not only did the brilliantly warped minds behind American Horror Story, Ryan and Murphy and Brad Falchuk, create a Coven of them for Season 3, but they also made the witchiest woman of them all part of it.

And Stevie Nicks couldn’t be more delighted. Her summation of the role: “I’ve never done anything like it in my entire life.”

The hippest witch since Samantha Stephens, Nicks doesn’t have to twitch her nose to make things happen. The wild heart of Fleetwood Mac, who cast a magical spell with her beguiling presence, dreamy tunes and seductive voice that’s also one of the most romantic ever to rock your world, is a powerful force again.

On a season when character Misty Day professes her undying love for Stevie Nicks and her music that weaves its way into the series, the original rock goddess will appear during the closing episodes of Coven.

Saying she is now officially “part of a secret society,” after filming her part just before Thanksgiving, Nicks teased, “I can’t tell you a thing. … My lips are sealed.” But as enchanting as Nicks remains at the age of 65, it seemed likely the ethereal wordsmith would be more like an open book than a locked diary during this interview that touched on the current status of Fleetwood Mac, her plans for the future, the otherworldly hit FX show and her childhood fascination with witches.

11209572624_b7a9e6f862On the phone from her lovely home in Los Angeles on December 3, Nicks didn’t need a broomstick to enjoy a thrill ride while promoting the DVD of her film documentary In Your Dreams, which was released earlier that day.

The experience, which captures the making of her album of the same name in 2011 with producer, multi-instrumentalist, co-songwriter and co-kindred spirit Dave Stewart, was “magical,” Nicks said. Continue reading Just Like Magic, Stevie Nicks Reappears In Your Dreams

Stevie Nicks’ ‘In Your Dreams’ Documentary Due in December

Film chronicles the making of her seventh album

November 18, 2013 4:30 PM ET

stevie nicks in your dreams documentary poster

Stevie Nicks will release what’s being billed as an “intimate” documentary, titled In Your Dreams, on December 3rd. The film will chronicle the making of the Fleetwood Mac singer’s 2011 solo album, In Your Dreams – a period she has called “the greatest year of my life.” When it was released, In Your Dreams was Nicks’ first album in a decade, and it featured several songs cowritten and coproduced by Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart. Stewart also co-produced and co-directed the documentary.

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The film will be available in different configurations, one of which – the limited-edition deluxe DVD bundle – comes with a copy of the film signed by Nicks, a limited-edition handwritten letter by Nicks and never-before-seen photos. It is currently sold out. Fans seeking an autograph, however, can attend a DVD signing at Barnes and Noble at the Grove in Hollywood on December 4th at 7:00 pm.

The documentary shines a light on Nicks’s personal life, according to a press release, and shows her writing songs, tap-dancing and attending costume parties and feasts. It’s said to include cameos by Mick Fleetwood, Reese Witherspoon and, quizzically, Edgar Allan Poe, as well as a white stallion, owls and “vampires” who appear in “home video–style music videos.” Lastly, it also includes a look at previously unseen seen pictures of Nicks’s childhood and several candid photos taken over the past 35 years. Continue reading Stevie Nicks’ ‘In Your Dreams’ Documentary Due in December

Stevie Nicks talks to The Daily Mail | 17th Sept 2013

‘I will go to my grave angry at that man’: Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks opens up about the psychiatrist she blames for ruining her chances of having a family

PUBLISHED: 11:19, 17 September 2013


She was as famous for her drugs battle and rock and roll lifestyle as for her distinctive voice during the height of her fame with Fleetwood Mac.

And as Stevie Nicks returns on tour with the band, she reveals that she holds a 20-year grudge against the psychiatrist she claims prevented her from marrying and having children when he treated her for over eight years in her thirties.

The 65-year-old star accused her psychiatrist of being a gossip-hungry groupie who fed her high doses of valium to keep her coming back into his surgery.

Miss Nicks became addicted to cocaine for 10 years but following her treatment at the Betty Ford clinic in America in the 1980s she then started seeing a psychiatrist.

She said: ‘When I came out of Betty Ford I was in great shape and then I went to see the psychiatrist that everybody was seeing at that point and I think he was just a groupie. Continue reading Stevie Nicks talks to The Daily Mail | 17th Sept 2013

Stevie Nicks: Why I let cameras into my home for ‘In Your Dreams’ film

Digital Spy
Published Tuesday, Sep 17 2013, 19:18 BST  |  By Kate Goodacre

Friends for over 30 years, Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart joined forces in 2010 to make her first solo record in almost a decade. In Your Dreams was recorded at the Fleetwood Mac member’s home in California over a 10-month period, and spawned a behind-the-scenes documentary Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams.

© Damian Duncan
© Damian Duncan

Speaking to Digital Spy at the Curzon cinema in Mayfair before last night’s (September 16) UK premiere of the documentary – produced and directed by the musicians – Nicks tells the story of how Stewart convinced her to commit what she has since described as “the happiest year of my life” to camera.

Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart speak to the media at the ‘In Your Dreams’ premiere

“Well, [it came about] because we were doing it at my house. When I first asked Dave [Stewart] to come over and talk to me about producing the record, I had decided never to do another solo record. So, I wrote ‘Moonlight’ the year before, in Australia, and that’s when I decided I’d maybe do a record, because I’ve got to surround this song with some other songs – otherwise, what am I gonna do, put out one song, you know? Continue reading Stevie Nicks: Why I let cameras into my home for ‘In Your Dreams’ film

Stevie Nicks ‘In Your Dreams’ Film Documentary Press Release

Film Premiere

Stevie Nicks ‘In Your Dreams’ Film Documentary


Co-Directed by Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart
Co- Produced By Dave Stewart and Paul Boyd

UK Premiere at the Curzon Mayfair, London
Monday September 16th
6.15pm Press Call
7pm Film Starts


Stevie Nicks will be joined by Fleetwood Mac members Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood, plus Dave Stewart and other stars as she debuts ‘In Your Dreams’ an intimate portrayal of the often illusive Nicks as she created her 2011 solo album of the same title. Co directed and co produced by Nicks in collaboration with former Eurythmic Dave Stewart, the film debuts just ahead of the European leg of Fleetwood Mac’s 2013 World Tour which opens at Dublin’s 02 on the 20th of September and continues on to London on the 24th, 25th and 27th September at the O2 Arena.

Stevie will attend a photocall at 6.15pm for the red carpet event, followed by interviews, before joining fans and guests for the premiere at 7pm. The film will be introduced by journalist Craig MacLean who will host a Q&A session with Stevie after the film.

The trailer can be viewed HERE Continue reading Stevie Nicks ‘In Your Dreams’ Film Documentary Press Release

Stevie Nicks announces UK documentary premiere of In Your Dreams

Stevie Nicks announces UK documentary premiere

Posted on September 4, 2013
By Pip Ellwood Music News
Entertainment Focus

Stevie Nicks will be joined by Fleetwood Mac members Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood for the premiere of her new documentary In Your Dreams.

Taking place at the Curzon Mayfair, London on Monday 16th September, Nicks will also be joined by Dave Stewart who collaborated with her on the documentary. The film opens just ahead of Fleetwood Mac’s 2013 World Tour which kicks off in Dublin on 20th September.The premiere will be introduced by journalist Craig MacLean who will host a Q&A with Nicks before the screening.The synopsis for In Your Dreams is:

Co-produced and co-directed by Dave Stewart, “In Your Dreams shows the up close and personal musical journey that the two artists embarked on in Nicks’ Los Angeles home as they wrote and recorded an album during what Nicks called “the greatest year of my life”. Nicks felt compelled to share the joyful experience with her fans on what she termed “the day the circus came to town”. The record was co-written by Nicks and Stewart and produced by Stewart and Glen Ballard.

A multi Grammy Award winning artist and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Nicks allowed cameras inside her magical old mansion high atop the hills of LA with a wild cast of musicians and friends. The inner life of the legendary Nicks has by her design long been kept at a distance from the public. We learn in “Dreams” that her world features costume parties, elaborate dinner feasts, tap dancing, fantasy creations and revealing song writing and recording sessions all of which are captured on film. There are cameos by Edgar Allan Poe, Mick Fleetwood, Reese Witherspoon, a massive white stallion in the backyard, owls and naturally a few vampires who appear in several “home movie” style music videos.

In addition to the story of the Nicks / Stewart creative partnership, “In Your Dreams” has plenty of other cinematic payoffs including rare never before seen personal scrapbook stills from Nicks’ childhood and family life and a wealth of candid backstage and performance shots taken over the last 35 years. The documentary was produced by Dave Stewart’s production company, Weapons of Mass Entertainment.

Check out the trailer for In Your Dreams:

10 tidbits about Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks – The Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee
By Carla Meyer
Published: Friday, Jul. 5, 2013 – 12:00 am

Here’s a sobering fact: Stevie Nicks is 65.

Jason DeCrow / Jason DeCrow/ Invision/ AP
Jason DeCrow / Jason DeCrow/ Invision/ AP

Everyone’s favorite witchy woman has ushered her crystal visions, white-winged doves and fringed tambourines into early senior citizenhood.

But she has not slowed down, or rather, further slowed down while spinning at a deliberate speed to better display her shawl.

Nicks looks like she’s in her mid-50s, tops, and she still tours with Fleetwood Mac (minus Christine McVie, for purists), performing Saturday at Sacramento’s Sleep Train Arena. Continue reading 10 tidbits about Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks – The Sacramento Bee

Stevie Nicks: The Queen of Rock – Sunday Night – AUS TV

Sunday Night Show Interview Transcript
Reporter: Alex Cullen
Producer: Penelope Cross
Date aired: 4 September, 2011

The Queen of Rock and Roll opens up her home, and her heart, to Sunday Night. Stevie Nicks, despite forty top ten hits and 140 million album sales, details her toughest battle yet. Her tell-all revelations, after taking reporter Alex Cullen on a tour of her LA mansion.

No topic is off limits as Stevie bares her soul about overcoming addictions to cocaine and tranquilisers, and how those ‘lost’ years cost her the chance of motherhood.

“I’ve never told anyone this except my close friends…” she says as she recounts stories of drug fuelled binges on stage. It’s a new chapter in her glittering career and Stevie, who is coming to Australia in November, sings her latest single.

Stevie Nicks: They say that great art comes from great tragedy and certainly, a lot of great art came out of Fleetwood Mac because of a lot of great tragedy.

Sings: # Once in a million years a lady like her rises #

Stevie Nicks: When you stop doing other people’s cocaine and start buying it yourself, that’s when you know you’re starting to have a problem.

Sings: # And your life knows no answer #

ALEX CULLEN: Stevie Nicks then…

Sings: # Your life knows no answer #

Sings: # All your life… #

ALEX CULLEN:..Stevie now…

Sings: # ..Rhiannon, you cry but she’s gone and she’s gone #

ALEX CULLEN: Her husky voice fills a room.

Sings: # Rhiannon #

ALEX CULLEN: Do you like your voice?

Stevie Nicks: I love my voice, I do.

Sings: # Rhiannon #

Stevie Nicks: I love the fact that my voice doesn’t sound like anybody else. Continue reading Stevie Nicks: The Queen of Rock – Sunday Night – AUS TV

Stevie Nicks: ‘The most fun I’ve ever had’ – Telegraph

Daily Telegraph
22nd June 2011

Stevie Nicks tells Helen Brown about her latest album – and the joys of being part of a double act.

Rapunzel of rock: Stevie Nicks counts Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix among her influences

When Stevie Nicks asked her 15-year-old god-daughter to take part in her new
music video – “playing me at 30, around the time I joined Fleetwood Mac” –
the girl asked for a little direction. “So I told her to twirl, talk to
yourself, make like you’re crazy, be me,” she says. “We put her in my
vintage, evergreen tie-dye with my top hat. Oh, she looked so beautiful. My
girlfriends laughed when we saw the dress. Were we ever that small? We must
have been!”

She may lament outgrowing her youthful stage gear, but Nicks is still a rock
star Rapunzel at 63, blonde locks cascading over billowing, black chiffon
sleeves. Today, she’s filled her hotel suite with candles and draped a fake
fur blanket over a chair that reclines so far back I briefly worry she’s
expecting a therapy session, not an interview.

But she’s warmly professional. “I wasn’t going to dress up for you,” she
confides, tucking a pair of long, leather boots up off the floor, “but then
I thought: In Your Dreams [her first solo album in a decade] feels like the
best thing I’ve ever done and I want to make sure I’ve done everything right
to get it out there.” Continue reading Stevie Nicks: ‘The most fun I’ve ever had’ – Telegraph

Retire? No, I’ll still be rocking when I’m 70: Stevie Nicks on why Fleetwood Mac are back for good

By Adrian Thrills
Daily Mail
16 June 2011

Stevie Nicks is in a hurry.

One of the world’s great front-women — and the face of Fleetwood Mac since joining with then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham back in 1975 — she is in London to promote a new solo album and appear with Rod Stewart in Hyde Park.

And, as she juggles her solo career with the ongoing resurrection of Fleetwood Mac, the Arizona-born singer, 63, knows time is of the essence.

‘Once you turn 60, you can’t hang around,’she says.

Don’t stop: Stevie Nicks is still on a mission to make music 34 year after recording the landmark album Rumours with Fleetwood Mac and has a new solo CD out Continue reading Retire? No, I’ll still be rocking when I’m 70: Stevie Nicks on why Fleetwood Mac are back for good