Stevie Nicks: The men, the music, the menopause

Stevie Nicks: ‘You gotta remember I am 62. So you got to have those cameras up, and the best lighting in the world.’
Photograph: Kristin Burns
Stevie Nicks, legendary singer-songwriter and hard-living Fleetwood Mac frontwoman, is considering her greatest regret. It is not her “huge cocaine period”, the 10 years that elapsed between the making of Fleetwood Mac’s 40m-selling 1977 album Rumours and the moment, in 1986, when she finally entered the Betty Ford Center. Nor is it her complicated history with band members: she joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974 with guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, subsequently detailing their split in the hit song Dreams, and went on to have an affair with drummer Mick Fleetwood, which inspired the 1983 solo song Beauty And The Beast.


It is not even the eight years she lost to Klonopin, a prescription tranquilliser to which she became addicted in the late 80s and early 90s, when she was “just a sad girl, sitting in a big, beautiful house, going, ‘What the f- hell happened?'” Continue reading Stevie Nicks: The men, the music, the menopause