FLEETWOOD MAC “Lindsey Buckingham is an Insecure Man”

Classic Rock Magazine – Summer 2013
Words John-Paul Heck

They’ve had their share of highs and lows, but rock’s most dysfunctional band will be reeling back the years on their first tour in four years.

FM-group_ClassicRock2013In the 35th anniversary of Rumours this year. Are you bored of being asked about it?
Mick Fleetwood: I don’t mind, Rumours was our passport to success. Suddenly we were rich, It gave us the opportunity to make many more albums. Rumours also made us immortal. Nobody talks about The Moody Blues or other good bands like that any more. But if you go to a Fleetwood Mac concert will see hordes of young people singing along, really knowing every song.

For some people, Tusk is actually the great Fleetwood Mac album„ Fair go say?
I see Rumours as the banner which we still wave around the world, but Tusk was a more exciting album. But making it was perhaps even more difficult. It turned out to be a painful and tedious process. But we had seen the bottom. After Rumours it couldn’t get more extreme, Rumours trained us to survive.

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