Fleetwood Mac’s Creative Glue: Lindsey Buckingham | Q Magazine (Oct 2013)

The real Lindsey Buckingham: He’s their creative glue

Lindsey Q1

Up close, there was something of the actor Kevin Kline about Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist, songwriter and producer Lindsey Buckingham in 1977. It isn’t the appearance, so much. It’s more that Buckingham’s nervy, jittery demeanour reminds me of Kline in one of his nervy, jittery film roles.

It’s 10:30am and the tray in Buckingham’s hotel suite contains evidence of a healthy breakfast: lots of juice and half-eaten fruit. Buckingham looks wiry in black shirt, black jeans and flip-flops, but I notice that he wiggles his toes and jiggles a knee when answering some questions. Critics and the other members of Fleetwood Mac have described him as “uptight.” He is, but then he’s earned the right to be. Without Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac would probably have finished in 1975. Continue reading

The real Stevie Nicks: The white witch of rock ‘n’ roll | Q Magazine (Oct 2013)

The real Stevie Nicks: The white witch of rock ‘n’ roll

Interview from 1997
Re-published in Q Magazine Oct 2013


Stevie Nicks’s limousine is so huge that you can sit with your legs outstretched and still not bother the person in front of you. In this instance, it’s Nicks’s personal assistant, whose toes are about 12 inches from mine, and who’s eavesdropping on our interview and taking calls on what would now be a museum-piece mobile phone (this is the late ‘90s, after all).

We are on our way to an airstrip, where Fleetwood Mac’s private plane is waiting to take them to Buffalo, New York. Nicks is sat next to me, dressed in black despite the blazing sunshine, and sipping a concoction of lemon and honey from a glass tumbler. “Oh, I could easily fallen for John,” she purrs, over the faint hum of the car’s engine and air conditioning. She is talking about Fleetwood Mac’s bassist John McVie. “It’s those eyes,” she adds. Continue reading