Fleetwood Mac: Don’t Stop | UNCUT Magazine

Don’t Stop!
Mick Fleetwood Interview in Uncut Magazine
Oct 2013 Edition
Words: Andy Gill
Photo: Sam Emerson

MICK FLEETWOOD is musing upon the gloriously chequered career of Fleetwood Mac. “We were blessed with finding some uniquely important people at the right time, he says, with typical modesty. “You can thank the angels for that, really.” Genial and self-deprecating, Fleetwood always plays the diffident associate, ascribing his band’s success to fellow bandmates, both past and present. For years now, he’s given the impression of being just a happy crew member, glad to keep cruising along. Yet it’s clear that Mick is the backbone of Fleetwood Mac, the self-confessed “nutcase driving force” who’s kept the vessel afloat through stormy waters and lengthy doldrums alike, lubricating the sometimes clashing gears of the band’s creative elements. As the Mac sails serenely through a world tour occasioned by the success of the 35th Anniversary reissue of Rumours, he considers the qualities behind the band’s enduring appeal. “Fleetwood Mac’s history is very spotted, not everyone’s cup of tea all the way through,” he says, “but it’s never been a bunch of people pretending to do something that’s been done before.”


UNCUT: How’s the tour going?
MICK FLEET WOOD: We’ve been touring all over the States, so with rehearsals and stuff, we’ve been at it for the better part of six months. It’s going incredibly well. We’re halfway through the tour we’re coming to Europe, as you know, in about eight weeks or less, finishing around December 15 Continue reading