Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham wants to play a song for President George W Bush called ‘Treason’ | Daily Telegraph

By Urmee Khan
11:35PM GMT 10 Nov 2008
Daily Telegraph (UK)

The Democrat supporter has already played for one President, when the group performed at Bill Clinton’s inauguration ball in January 1993.


Their song, “Don’t Stop”, had been used as a campaign theme by President Clinton.

But he was pithy about performing for the current Republican incumbent of the White House.

He said he would be willing to play a song for President George W Bush and has already got one written: “It’s called Treason and it’s all about selfishness and greed.”

However, he said he is hopeful the group will be asked back to play for Barack Obama when he celebrates his arrival at the White House in January.

“I would be delighted if we could do that again,” Buckingham told the Daily Telegraph’s Mandrake. He concedes, however, that Bruce Springsteen is in a better position “especially as I see Bruce has already got himself the Superbowl slot”.

Treason is on his solo album “Gift of Screws,” which was released in October. Continue reading