Lindsey Buckingham: Getting Fleetwood Mac Back Together for One Last Tour

By Andy Threlfall
September 10, 2009

The tangled web that’s the story of Fleetwood Mac is easily one of rock and roll’s, well, quirkiest. A once-quintessentially English blues band came to be the sound of California dreaming in the mid-70s when, seemingly washed up and on the verge of permanent disbandment, drummer Mick Fleetwood asked L.A. husband and wife singer-songwriting team Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to join the group in one last desperate throw of the musical dice. The rest was multi-platinum history; Rumours still boasts a place a place in the top-ten selling albums ever. But while the songs have endured, the addictions, the divorces, the petty band politic chipped away at their legacy for 30 years. Here, a reflective Lindsey Buckingham tries to find new meaning in those lost days of summer, and how being lucky enough to survive them has allowed Fleetwood Mac to get on stage one more time for their 2009 World Tour. Continue reading