Fleetwood Mac talk survival, superstitions and sell-out shows ahead of Aussie tour

The Courier-Mail

FLEETWOOD Mac epitomises the survival spirit.


“We know how lucky we are,” drummer Mick Fleetwood says. “But we’re very serious about what we do. That’s why were still here.

Of course, the back story, of break ups, make ups, and their insatiable drink and drug habits are as famous as the band itself.

Even Fleetwood admits it’s a blessing they’re still writing, recording, performing and touring stronger than ever.

But as Fleetwood reveals a list of rituals and superstitions he follows when the band tours, it’s a miracle anybody made it to the stage.

“We are all creatures of habit,” Fleetwood says.

“I still do this thing where, if I’m in the toilet, I’ll open the door a certain way, and flush it three times, and, if I haven’t done it, I’ll go back and do it.

“It used to be really bad, though,” he says, laughing. “I would have, on my way to the stage, little things I’d left there. Continue reading