Brit Music: Lindsey Buckingham
July 29, 2013 By 

Fleetwood Mac released their first new material in a decade in the form of their imaginatively-titled extended play, “Extended Play.” And if Lindsey Buckingham is any indication, there will be more to come.



Quote Buckingham: “It’s safe to say there is more than these four songs that you’re going to hear from Fleetwood Mac. It’s just a question of how and when, you know? When I was growing up, EPs were all over the place. When I was growing up, albums were not really an art form; the single was the thing, and in some ways it has gotten back to that a little bit. The whole thing is just kind of wide open now, and it really is tantalising to be able to put together just a few things, three or four songs on an EP. There is something quite effective about that, for sure. I have no preconceptions one way or the other in terms of what Fleetwood Mac will do or even what Fleetwood Mac should do. You just do what you can do and what makes sense logically – and politically.Buckingham continued to insist that Christine McVie, who hasn’t been part of the group since 1998, will not rejoin, but she did spend time at a dinner in LA.

Quote Buckingham: “It was a trip, because she was the same old person I’d always known, and she was cracking me up. We’d always had just a great chemistry, the two of us, and we just kind of hit the ground running as soon as I saw her, which was kind of amazing. If she wants to come up and do ‘Don’t Stop’ with us when we’re in England, I’d love to see that. But beyond that I think there’s not too much you can make out of it – although I’m sure people will try.”