Life Stories: Stevie Nicks | Marie Claire

Words by Michelle Davis
Marie Claire Magazine (UK)
May 2014

Her husky voice, epic stage presence and flamboyant style defined 70s supergroup Fleetwood Mac – as did the incestuous, drug-fulled private lives of its members. And against all odds, she’s still rocking…


AS THE DAUGHTER OF A travelling businessman, Stevie Nicks was used to making new friends quickly. One evening in 1965, after her family’s latest move from Los Angeles to San Francisco, 17-year-old Stevie attended an event in a local hall. She walked in to see a teenage boy strumming a guitar and singing The Mamas & The Papas’ California Dreamin’ I walked up and brazenly burst into harmony with him,’ she would later recall. ‘It was cool andI said, “I’m Stevie Nicks” and he said, “I’m Lindsey Buckingham.” Continue reading Life Stories: Stevie Nicks | Marie Claire