Stevie Nicks Refused To Record Tom Petty’s Brilliant Song | Contact Music

Stevie Nicks Passed On Recording Tom Petty And Dave Stewart’s Tune Don’t Come Around Here No More, Because She Didn’t Think She Could Sing It Better Than The I Won’t Back Down Rocker.


The Fleetwood Mac star has opened up about the first time she heard the song, which became a massive hit for Petty and his band The Heartbreakers in 1985, in Warren Zaynes’ new book Petty: The Biography, revealing the track was recorded during an early morning studio session.

“Tom had come down, and he liked what we (Dave Stewart and I) were working on,” explains Nicks. “I was writing madly. I had my little book, and I was just writing, writing, writing.

“Tom, (producer) Jimmy (Iovine) and Dave were sort of talking, but it was five in the morning, and I was really tired, so I said, ‘I’m going to go. I’m leaving you guys, and I’ll be back tomorrow’.

“I left, and when I got back the next day, at something like 3pm, the whole song was written. And not only was it written, it was spectacular. Dave was standing there saying to me, ‘Well, there it is! It’s really, really good’.

“They go to me, ‘Well, it’s terrific, and now you can go out… and you can sing it’. Tom had done a great vocal… and I just looked at them and said, ‘I’m going to top that? Really?’ I got up, thanked Dave, thanked Tom, fired Jimmy and left.”

By WENN in Music / Festivals on 13 November 2015