Archive clips of Fleetwood Mac on BBC Four ‘Biggest band Breakups and Makeups’

BBC Four in the UK aired a new music documentary program last night (10th April 2015) that delved into the biggest band breakups and makeups, of course any program that focused on disfunctional bands had to include Fleetwood Mac, and we were not disappointed, below is the section of that show that covers Fleetwood Mac’s turbelent relationships….

The clips contains archive footage of brief soundbites with John McVie and Stevie Nicks from interviews shown on the BBC in the past, as well as live clips of Don’t Stop, Dreams, Go You Own Way and On Diane (however Oh Diane has Dreams playing over the clip).

One item that I found very encouraging is that the BBC have kept good quality archive footage of the Fleetwood Mac at 21 documentatry that aired originally in 1988 and the Oh Diane clip from The Late Late Breakfast show that aired originally in 1982.

Enjoy the very brief snippet from the show and if you wish to watch the complete one hour documentatry and you are able to view BBC iPlayer, the link for the full program is below..



Fleetwood Mac: Going long with Lindsey Buckingham | Austin360

Music Blog on Austin 360
by Peter Blackstock
February 28th, 2015

On Sunday, the Erwin Center welcomes back the classic lineup of Fleetwood Mac: Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. This lineup of the group, whose 1977 album “Rumors” is one of just eight albums to have sold at least 40 million copies, last played the Austin concert arena in 1982, a show we discuss in detail in the Austin360 section of Sunday’s American-Statesman.


We spoke by telephone on Thursday with Lindsey Buckingham, who offered a good bit of detail about the full band’s current reunion as well as some background about their past. What follows is an assemblage of highlights from that conversation.

Austin360/American-Statesman: Four of you had been touring and recording off and on since the 1997 full-band reunion, but this is Christine McVie’s first reappearance since 1998. Why did she decide to return for this tour?

Lindsey Buckingham: When she left, I think she really was just looking for a change. And there certainly has been precedent for this fivesome to have made exits and returns. I did that myself after producing the “Tango in the Night” album and then did not do the tour. That was for other reasons at the time. But I think with Christine, she was just at a point in her life where she was kind of tired of the whole discipline of recording and writing and touring, and was feeling somewhat ungrounded by that. She’d had a series of relationships that hadn’t held for her, and I think she put some of that down to the kind of life she had to lead and what she had to prioritize. I mean, I’m sure it was way more complex. But basically, back then, she burned all of her bridges in Los Angeles. She sold her house and basically moved back to England, and ensconced herself in a completely different universe. Continue reading

Lindsey Buckingham: Out Of The Cradle – Album appreciation…

It seems as though the first ‘real’ solo album from Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham is not getting the love and attention that this album deserves, recently deleted from the UK iTunes store, no official release of the four music videos and limited appearances of live tracks in Lindsey’s recent solo live shows.

It’s about time that this fine collection of songs was re-visited and re-appreciated, but first, here’s some brief history…..


Out Of The Cradle was released in 1992, five years after Lindsey had departed Fleetwood Mac to concentrate fully on his solo career and can be considered as his one and only true solo album where he was not a member of Fleetwood Mac (all other solo albums were recorded and released whilst he was juggling being a member of the band and releasing solo albums at the same time).

The solo album sessions actually began in the mid-eighties and the early tracks that these sessions produced morphed into what would become the Fleetwood Mac comeback album ‘Tango In The Night’, that was released in 1987, tracks such as Big Love and Family Man were originally recorded for Lindsey’s next solo album with Lindsey and longterm co-producer ‘Richard Dashut’ co-producing again, but were turned over to the wider group effort, as the Tango sessions consumed Lindsey completely as vocalist, writer, guitarist, producer and arranger, the third solo album was put of the back burner whilst the Mac returned to it’s glory days with ‘Tango In The Night’. Continue reading

Lindsey Buckingham interview with Tavis Smilay | PBS

Lindsey Buckingham – The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer talks about reuniting with the iconic band, Fleetwood Mac, for its “On With The Show” concert tour.

  • Aired: 12/17/2014
  • 26:36
  • Rating: NR

Interview Transcription via Nicole21290 (re-produced here on this site with permission)


Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is of course one of the reasons for the phenomenal success of Fleetwood Mac. He’s been a part of that band for some forty years now with only a slight break to focus, of course, on his highly successful solo career. Fleetwood Mac, with all the bandmates, is now back on tour for the first time in sixteen years. Before we start out conversation, a look at Lindsey performing ‘Big Love’ at the Saban Theatre here in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Mick Fleetwood: The star who snorted a line of cocaine 7 miles long! | Daily Mail (UK)

Tom Leonard for the Daily Mail
Published: 20:19 EST, 6 November 2014

The rock star who snorted a line of cocaine SEVEN MILES long! In an eye-popping new memoir, Fleetwood Mac’s leader reveals the true epic scale of their debauchery…


Fleetwood Mac were sitting around stoned in the studio one night with one of their engineers when they set about solving an arithmetic problem that had been niggling at them.

How much cocaine, they wondered, had drummer Mick Fleetwood put up his nose? Working on the premise he had taken an eighth of an ounce every day for 20 years, the sound engineer calculated that if you laid out the drug in a single snortable line, it would stretch for seven miles.

Rock ’n’ roll is full of such apocryphal stories, but as Fleetwood admits in a candid new memoir, this one is completely true. But then, this is the band that in 1977 gave the world Rumours, one of the best-selling albums ever, and almost died in the process.

Love free-for all: The band in the Seventies (from left), Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, John McVie and Lindsey Buckingham
Continue reading

Fleetwood Mac’s new album is “profound”, says Lindsey Buckingham | Digital Spy (UK)

By Harry Fletcher
Thursday, Oct 16 2014
Digital Spy Online

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham has issued an update on the band’s new album.

The guitarist told The Wall Street Journal that he is working closely with Christine McVie on “profound” new music.


© Getty Images / Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

Buckingham discussed how McVie, who recently rejoined the band after 16 years apart, had sent him piano and voice demos, which he then developed.

“I took massive liberties with them,” he said.

“We never envisioned finishing the album in the short term. We set it aside. Stevie [Nicks] will come in and participate. I have material I had been working on.

“There’s no danger that it will slip between the tracks. It’s too profound to. Once we finish it we can think about going out and trying something new.”

© Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky/WireImage

© Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky/WireImage

Speaking about his working relationship with McVie, Buckingham said: “Christine and I were able to concentrate on each other. We were exploring some new turf. That became enlightening to me.” Continue reading

Stevie Nicks is still going her own way | Digital Journal

Digital Journel

The longtime Fleetwood Mac vocalist opens up about the making of her new solo album, her past pregnancy with The Eagles’ Don Henley, what drove her into rehab, getting older and how she felt going through photos for her upcoming photography exhibition.


Stevie Nicks readily admits she’s always been a driven woman. And, at the age of 66, she is showing no signs of slowing down. Nicks is about to hit the road with the original Rumours line-up of Fleetwood Mac — Lindsay Buckingham, John McVie, Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie (who left the band in 1998) — for the North American leg of their On With The Show Tour (which begins September 30 in Minneapolis).

Additionally, on October 7, while she’s busy belting out Mac classic such as “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” “Sara,” “Dreams” and “The Chain” for loyal Big Apple fans, Nicks will unveil her latest solo record, 24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault, a collection of lost songs she had written between the late ’60s and mid-’90s.

“When (John McVie) got cancer, we had to cancel our tour of Australia so I had some free time, and I thought, ‘Maybe I should make a record,'” she told Billboard about the origins of 24 Karat Gold. “All over the Internet, there are songs I wrote but never released, and people keep saying, “Why don’t you record these songs for real?” I’d never had time to do that. Now I had an empty, precious three months. Continue reading

ELLE Exclusive: Watch Stevie Nicks Perform Beloved Secret Track, “Lady”


It’s a new song. Well, only sort of. “This is a song that has really stayed in my head all these years,” Stevie Nicks says of “Lady,” from her soon-to-be-released eighth studio album, 24 Karat Gold – Songs From The Vault, out October 7.

“Sometimes I’ll find myself humming it, or whistling it, and this has been going on since I wrote it…in 1971.” According to Rolling Stone, “Lady” was so sacred to Nicks that she buried the demo deep inside her mother’s vintage trunk for decades. Adding to its lore: Not a single one of her Fleetwood Mac bandmates had previously heard the final cut of “Lady,” or any of the tracks off the forthcoming EP. “Each song is a lifetime,” Nicks says of the tracks, all of which were written between 1969 and 1995. “Each song has a soul. Each song has a purpose. Each song is a love story. They represent my life behind the scenes, the secrets, the broken hearts, the brokenhearted, and the survivors.”


Of course, her bandmates will soon have the chance to get acquainted with the new material: On September 30, they’ll hit the road together as the originalRumours five (Christine McVie included), for the first time in 16 years, as part of the highly anticipated “On With The Show” tour.

Here, we deliver an exclusive first look at “Lady.”

And in the exclusive footage below, Nicks opens up about writing the song while living with bandmate and lover Lindsey Buckingham at legendary producer Keith Olsen’s house shortly after the couple moved to Los Angeles. According to Nicks, the song, in its original form, was “pretty perfect.” So what’s changed? “It’s just like, you know, better piano playing,” she says, her fingers effortlessly dancing to the melody that’s had her heart for 45 years. Magic.

Stevie Nicks previews new track ‘Lady’ from new album

Stevie Nicks previews new track ‘Lady’ that is now available for immediate download from iTunes and Amazon


“24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault” – Deluxe Edition – iTunes | Amazon
“24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault” – Standard Edition – iTunes | Amazon

also Stevie has added the lyric video to her official YouTube channel


Stevie Nicks – “24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault” now available for pre-order

SN-24Karat-title_750Stevie Nicks has pre-released her new album “24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault” that is due to debut on Oct 7th.

The pre-release is available as three different packages…

1) Photo Booklet, Lithograph, CD, Digital Download,
2) Photo Booklet, CD, Digital Download,
3) Double Vinyl Release with Digital Download.

With all packages one track ‘The Dealer’ is available for immediate download.

Please click on the image below to be taken to the pre-order website


Packages are available in America, Europe and Australia, in addition the pre-release digital download has been added to iTunes and Amazon and one track ‘The Dealer’ is available for immediate download.


“24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault” – Deluxe Edition – iTunes | Amazon
“24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault” – Standard Edition – iTunes | Amazon

In addition, Stevie Nicks has uploaded a lyric video of ‘The Dealer’ onto her official YouTube channel.

Continue reading