The Songs of Lindsey Buckingham | Promo CD Sleeve Notes

The Songs of Lindsey Buckingham

Promo CD from EMI Publishing
Released in the UK in 2002

Born on October 3rd. 1949. in the upper-middle class suburb of Atherton, near Palo Alto, CA. Lindsey was the third, and youngest son of Morris and Rutheda Buckingham Morris, known as Buck to his friends, owned a coffee plant and was also a member of the Menlo Country Club, where Jeff. Greg and Lindsey were all encouraged to swim competitively (Greg went on to win a silver medal in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City)

The first Elvis record Lindsey remembers hearing was ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and he began playing along to Jeff’s 45’s on a toy Mickey Mouse guitar Once he’d taught himself to play a few songs on this, his parents bought him a $35 Harmony guitar. Jeff’s record collection became so extensive that Lindsey recalls, ‘It was like having the story of rock n’ roll unfurled in front of me. Continue reading